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What We do Best

 A foundation for care, support and fun

When you choose a place like the Forget Me Not Club, attending a day club feels like being at home.  Here, you can sit back and relax knowing that support is there if you want it. 


The Forget Me Not Club provides a nutritious and tasty home cooked meal and plenty of refreshments through the day. We have adorable therapy dogs for you to cuddle.  Daily papers and magazines if you like to sit and catch up with the news.  Sit and chat with friends or enjoy the fun activities we offer, from manicures to group or individual games, Darts, Pool, arts & craft, cooking, seated exercise and singing. Everything we do helps  you keep your mind stimulated and remain active.  Above all we just want you to have fun!

All staff are fully trained and insured, we started out running services for the Alzheimer's Society so our knowledge of Dementia is extremely good.

We offer a free trial day so you can see if it is for you, get to meet the team and the people in the group on the day you wish to attend.  We have very small groups up to a maximum of 10 a day, this we find helps you all make friends, and is less overwhelming when you start.  We have a high staff ratio and therefore you will always have someone to turn to if you get anxious.  We will go that extra mile to help you find activities which you like to do.  We have started doing a few trips, and we hope with the appropriate funding we will be able to continue this in the future.  We listen to you and try where we can to involve you in social activities of your choice.

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